Why Lightweight Steel Frame (LSF)?

Lightweight Steel Frame (LSF) is a sustainable modern method of construction. LSF offers clients and architects a new level of flexibility on their construction projects.

We work directly with our manufacturers using cold rolled precision-engineered products that provide load bearing or stud and track solutions. All of our LSF components are fabricated and assembled under factory controlled conditions to ISO9001, using a fully bespoke system designed in-house under full BMI compliance.

LSF building systems can be easily adapted to any type of project from any sector. Some of our current projects include; residential extensions, full residential schemes, new build homes, hotels, schools, student accommodation, office blocks and multi-use developments.

Saving time and money

LSF is manufactured off-site using computer aided design / manufacture (CAD/CAM) meaning a fixed labour and material budget can be applied to your project. Plus, the exceptional accuracy of CAM keeps costs and errors to a minimum.

The frame sections can be delivered to site pre-assembled which reduces labour costs and creates zero on-site waste. Also, drying out periods are not needed with LSF, so there are no delays and lost days are minimised.

On/Off-site advantages

LSF does not care about the weather. It’s manufactured off-site to exact tolerances, so you can build a weather-tight shell very quickly, and installation is not weather dependant so the need for wet trades is dramatically reduced.

It’s so light that on-site lifting time is massively cut down. One of our installation teams can match the performance of 2 / 3 bricklaying gangs, and service ducts and runs are taken care of at the design stage which further reduces on-site works.

Designed your way

LSF holds the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all building products, ensuring zero compromise on design performance and engineering. This means the system can be built with no unsightly internal or external columns giving architects complete design freedom.

Working with CAD / CAM specialists we develop the steel frame around your design. Curved elevations, parapets, canopies, roofing designs and atriums can all be added in. Our relationship with the CAD team enables us to pre-empt any design issues that may arise on-site and resolve them prior to your frame being manufactured.

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